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7 Wellness Podcasts That Will Help You Get Healthier

When I first got into self-improvement, I wanted to consume all the information I could. I started following all the experts—reading their books, studying their blogs, and attending their seminars (well, the free ones at least). And then I discovered health podcasts.

I was already a big fan of Serial and This American Life, but it never dawned on me that there’s literally a podcast for every topic you can imagine. Since realizing that podcasts could be used to make me healthier instead of just fulfill my true crime addiction, I’ve listened to countless episodes that have transformed my life. Whether you’re interested in food, mental health, or spirituality, read on for the holy grail podcasts that have changed my health. Let It Out was the first wellness podcast I listened to and it’s still one of my favorites.

Each week, host Katie Dalebout shares her personal experience with trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and talks with leading voices in the wellness space. Notable episodes include author and yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley discussing body acceptance, spiritual entrepreneur Gabby Bernstein on mindset tips, and author and gluten-free chef Phoebe Lapine sharing her journey with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. My favorite thing about this podcast is its focus on balance and doing what works for your individual body. Katie admits to being “overly addicted to wellness” and struggling with orthorexia in the past, so she’s learned first hand the importance of balance.

Listen if you want a well-rounded view of health.  If you’ve already binged every episode of Let It Out like I have but still want more, tune into Spiraling. Katie Dalebout also hosts this podcast alongside author and chef Serena Wolf. The two friends share their

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