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How To Trigger Man’s Hero Instinct (15 Amazing Ways)

is he a real hero.So, the hero instinct describes the most fundamental biological drive/urge of a man to be felt as valued, needed, and desired.Your man won’t say it to you, never! But every man has a strong urge to be a hero. Don’t think that your man will ask for his help in this because he won’t.However, you have to understand and realize the intensity of this instinct in a man and help him in this journey.You will see many advice, tips, and suggestions on triggering the hero instinct in your man.

However, you must read the book of James Bauer on this topic, titled “His Secret Obsession”.James Bauer was the one who coined the term, the hero instinct. In this book, he has very well explained everything for triggering his hero instinct

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