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Michael Jai White on Ditching Your Hollywood Heroes and Other Lessons from a Career in Entertainment

To Kill a Mockingbird. In 1997’s Spawn, he played the first Black on-screen superhero.Jai White also writes, produces and directs, and has just started his own mini-major studio, , in Connecticut, the first of its kind in the state.“I’m able to bring this industry into an environment that has very little else to prove that the future doesn’t have to be bleak.

I’m an entertainer: we serve others. That’s me ,” he says.In this episode of , Jai White tells Chief Storytelling Officer Kindra Hall why he doesn’t get star-struck by actors, the connection between teaching and entertainment, and why he looks for unity with even the most unlikely people.Jai White has worked with some of Hollywood’s best-known figures, including Issa Rae, Janet

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