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12 Things to Never Lose Control of

Serenity Prayer? Recovery groups across the country (like AA) use it to help people realize that there are some things they can’t control. The prayer asks for God to help you accept those things you cannot change and help you be brave enough to change what you can. The real key is the power to know the difference, as this matters tremendously.

ADVERTISEMENT If you were to sit down and examine all the troubles in your life right now, what things do you have the power to change? Upon closer examination, you will notice that you’re powerless to control many things that keep you up at night. ADVERTISEMENT So why are you wasting your time and energy fretting about things beyond your power? If you want to release positive thoughts and create an optimistic mindset to thrive, then worry about the following things you can control.Sadly, you didn’t get a say in where you were born or the family you were born into, but you can be successful at whatever card life has dealt you. Do you know that there are people who would change places with you in a heartbeat?Think about some of the greats throughout history who received a pretty crappy hand but rose above their challenges to make something of their life.

Look at Hellen Keller. According to Live Science, Keller was blind and deaf due to a disease ravaging her body at nineteen months. ADVERTISEMENT Yet, she was a pioneer in the blind community.

She learned to thrive against all odds, and Keller even wrote a book about her life story. She was the first visually impaired person to graduate from college with a degree from Radcliffe University.It would help if you erased the preconceived limitations you put on yourself. Once you learn to accept yourself for how you are, you will start

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