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Hannah Montana Quotes From the Popular Disney Channel Show

Relive your younger days with these Hannah Montana quotes.

Hannah Montana was a Disney Channel Original Series that ran four seasons from 2006 to 2011.

The series’ main character, Miley Stewart, is a seemingly ordinary teenage girl with a big secret: her alter ego is the famous teen pop star Hannah Montana.

Throughout the series, Miley has to balance living a normal teenage life with being Hannah Montana at concerts and tv events for all her fans.

The series had five official soundtracks to accompany it, including songs by Hannah Montana and a few guest singers.

The music from the television series was so popular that Miley Cyrus, the actress who played Hannah Montana, performed as the character in live concerts for fans of the show.

Get ready to enjoy some of your favorite Hannah Montana quotes.

Hannah Montana Quotes for the characters’ biggest fans

Are you a huge fan of the show? See if you can remember which episodes these quotes came from.

1. “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.” – Hannah Montana

2. “With a new attitude, everything can change. Make it how you want it to be. Stayin’ mad, why do that?” – Hannah Montana

3. “So what you see is only half the story. There’s another side of me. I’m the girl you know, but I’m someone else too.” – Hannah Montana

4. “As I was saying, friendship means a lot to me.” – Hannah Montana

5. “Can’t you see, I’m just an ordinary girl living in an extraordinary world, trying to live, trying to learn.” – Hannah Montana

6. “Something, something, something, say what?!” – Hannah Montana

7. “This is incredible, all these fans and the store has even got a mannequin of me!’ – Hannah Montana

8. “Dad! I need to record now. What is taking so long? Hannah is in the zone!” – Ha

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