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50 Hammerin’ Hank Aaron Quotes About Smashing Records and Barriers

These Hank Aaron quotes speak to his love of baseball, hard life lessons, and how he saw himself.

Few people have lived out the American Dream in the way Hammerin’ Hank (Hank Aaron) did. When Hank was a little boy, he reportedly told his father he wanted to be an airline pilot. His father replied, “Ain’t no black airline pilots.”

Little Hank then told his father he wanted to be a major league baseball player. His dad’s response was, “’Ain’t no black baseball players.” However, when Hank Aaron was 13 years old, that changed thanks to Jackie Robinson.

Hank Aaron was born and raised in, or very near, Mobile, Alabama; which was a segregated state. In fact, he played on the Negro American League briefly. That league was established in 1932

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