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The Psychology and the Process of an Artistic Concept

Would you like to learn more about the creative process from a group of talented artists?

I have written several articles in the past on the creative personality, navigating relationships when both members of the couple are in similar artistic fields, and the motivation and perseverance it takes to follow their dreams in the art world despite the odds against them.

A topic that occurred to me that I think would be of great interest was the creative process.

What do various artists think and do to get inspiration, to take a concept from inspiration to a show?

What is their path like?

How do these unique talents and dynamic personalities go about the creative process from different directions but come to the same result of a finished, pleasing, and emotionally evocative piece?

In this two-part piece, I will spend the first part focusing on four very different, fascinating, and up-and-coming artists and one gallery owner on their role in the process from inception to show.

In the second part of the two-part piece, I will focus on the one gallery Director and his views on the process and psychology of working with artists and of aiding them on their path.

The Creative Process: From Inception To Show 1. Gus Fink

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Gus has a completely unique style that is all his own.

He strives to push himself into constant projects and new areas and has a genuine desire to be a voice and a Role Model he wishes he had in the art world when he was younger.

I hope he will not mind my adding that he feels his upcoming show is “the most important painting works he has done to date.”

It is deeply personal and important, and can only come

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