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What You Should Add to Your Wellness Routine, Based on Your Enneagram

The new year is a great time to reassess your wellness routine and figure out how to best nurture your most important asset: your well-being. Whether you set resolutions or not, this time of year serves as an important reset for identifying what your mind and body actually need to be healthy—and what better way to find out than by asking your Enneagram? In other words, rather than adding everything under the sun to your self-care list (a recipe for burnout!), we’ve narrowed down what may resonate best based on your Enneagram type for further personalization. With this added layer of awareness, you can nourish your needs on a deeper level and give yourself the self-care you’ve been craving.

As an Enneagram coach, I believe that your Type can offer a lot of insight into what your mind and body really need (because self-care should be totally personalized), so I talked with Giselle Wasfie, a doctor of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, about how to incorporate these practices into your routine. Read on to find out what wellness practice you should try in 2022 based on your Enneagram.   Type Ones are rational, disciplined, and hardworking. They also put a lot of pressure on themselves to do things right and to do things well.

Because of their perfectionistic tendencies, they may have a hard time relaxing and can experience tight shoulders and neck muscles as a result. Wellness practices like massages or cupping are important to reduce stored tension. Cupping is an ancient therapy that can be especially beneficial for Ones.

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