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These 1984 Quotes Will Change The Way You See The World

Although this classic dystopian novel focuses on the dark side, these 1984 quotes will brighten up your life.

1984 is George Orwell’s bleakly dystopian novel about life under constant scrutiny. In the novel, Orwell describes the future in a totalitarian state where thoughts and actions are scrutinized by the ever-watchful Big Brother.

The book follows the life of Winston Smith, a lower member of the ruling authoritarian political party who feels frustrated by the oppression and rigid control of the Party. Winston works in the Ministry of Truth but he secretly dislikes the party and dreams of rebellion against Big Brother. He has also entered a forbidden relationship with coworker Julia and dares to write his criminal thoughts in a diary.

1984 is a modern classic that has had an impact from the moment it was released. It introduced many terms and concepts that have entered common usage, including Big Brother, doublespeak, and thoughtcrime.

The book has received various awards, including being chosen as one of the 100 best English-language novels by Time Magazine, being listed at #8 on The Big Read survey done by the BBC, and a place on the list of Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels.

Below is our collection of inspirational, powerful, and thought-provoking 1984 quotes that will blow your mind and make you want to create positive change.

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1984 Quotes That Will Change The Way You See The World

1. “Of pain you could wish only one thing: that it should stop. Nothing in the world was so bad as physical pain. In the face of pain there are no heroes.” ― George Orwell

2. “For the first time he perceived that if you want to keep a secret

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