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The Greatest Gift a Doctor Gave Me the Day of My Parkinson’s Diagnosis

Let’s begin with the understanding no one likes bad news and there is rarely a great way to give someone news they do not want to hear. Some people, though, including doctors, have all the tact and care of a bucket of ice water to the face, and in my life, I have been hit with a few of those buckets.

“You have Parkinson’s disease,” is not a statement anyone wants to hear, but after my long journey getting to this point, it was almost a relief. For four years I had been searching, looking for answers. My body was slowly betraying me, and I was steadily declining. As I went to doctor after doctor, we kept finding things wrong with my health, but nothing that would explain my tremors and decline.

So, there I sat, in the office of my 2nd

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Gave Me My Parkinson Greatest Gift