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20 Inspiring Acts of Kindness and Giveaway Winners for HumanKind

Last week I ran a giveaway for Brad Aronson’s —a heartwarming book that highlights ordinary people doing extraordinary things and offers practical tips for everyday kindness throughout.

I had ten books to give away—four for the blog, three for Facebook, and three for Instagram—and I invited you all to share an act of kindness you’d recently received or witnessed for a chance to win. The four blog winners, chosen at random, include:

Please email me at email (at) so I can get a book out to you!

If you didn’t win a copy, I highly recommend you (perhaps as a Mother’s Day gift to thank your mom for her kindness, or a graduation gift to help someone create a sense of purpose grounded in love).

There’s a reason has over 1,300 ratings on Amazon and endorsements from Deepak Chopra, Gabby Bernstein, and Neil Pasricha, among others. As one reviewer wrote, “It’s a feel good, do good book.”

Judging from the stories many of you shared last week, I know you all appreciate little reminders that there’s a lot of love in the world, and is cholk-full of them.

Since you may not have seen the entries on social media, and I was deeply moved by the acts of kindness shared, I decided to post ten from each platform here on the blog. I hope they give you all the feels and boost your mood as they lifted mine!

Acts of Kindness Shared on Instagram

1. The last time we were in a metro, I stood up and gave my seat to an old lady. My eight-year-old boy observed this and kept quiet. A few weeks later, we were on a bus that carries people to the plane from the airport, and my boy stood up even before me to help an aged uncle with his bag and offered him his seat. He looked at me and winked like “I got this.” I felt so proud!

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