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9 Reasons Why Setting Small Goals Helps You Accomplish More

Forbes Magazine, achieving small goals regularly can keep your motivation stronger.Have you ever participated in a race? The closer you get to the finish line, the more motivation you get. This same principle also relates to dividing and conquering goals in your life.With each successful step, you’re that much closer to achieving your dream. You get your second wind and work harder on the next few steps.

You’re less likely to become discouraged and give up.Many people decide to plan like some corporations and make five-year goals. While planning that far in advance is admirable, it may be too much for your mind. As busy as you probably are, it may be challenging to set goals for the next six months, let alone five years.Of course, you can set goals for years into the future.

Perhaps you’re in college now, and you’re planning graduate school and a career path. Those will take some time and careful financial planning.Give yourself better focus by breaking this five-year plan into one year or even a few months. It’s much easier to focus on a year rather than a few years out into the future.

You still have an important goal, but you realize it bit by bit.Remember the story of the Little Engine that could? He faced climbing a massive hill with a heavy load. He would’ve never made it to the top and beyond if he had only concentrated on the difficulty.With each chug of his engine and turn of his wheel, he made it a little farther up the hill. It gave the Little Engine confidence and momentum as he cheered himself on with “I think I can, I think I can.” These small victories took him to the summit.It’s amazing how many real-life principles are presented in children’s literature.

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