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What Even Healthcare Leaders Get Wrong About Intuitive Eating

In a recent newsletter, Kaiser Permanente promoted a page on their website about “Intuitive Eating” as part of their Thrive Program. The page has caused an uproar within the Intuitive Eating communities, so I reached out to Evelyn Tribole, who wrote (well, co-wrote) the book on Intuitive Eating, to get her reaction.

“They botched our model,” she said. “When they get it that wrong, honestly it makes me not want to read the rest of the article, but I did for my due diligence!”

Unfortunately, Kaiser doesn’t appear to have done the same. “My first thought was that if they were going to do this and they’re not willing to read the book, at least they could have read the website.” She continued, “Why couldn’t they talk to Elyse [the book’s

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