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Why 'The Me You Can't See' Is the Honest Mental Health Show We Needed

Humans are a complicated species. Everyone at some point must deal with hardship. We are all very vulnerable. And it’s OK to show our emotions. To cry when it hurts. To reflect. To change. Everyone can use a little help along the way. There is no shame whatsoever. And there absolutely should be no stigma.

 This is the essence of “The Me You Can’t See” — the new five-part docu-series on Apple TV+ that features Oprah, Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex, Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, San Antonio Spur DaMar DeRozen and a kaleidoscope of everyday people who are sensitive souls.

The documentary is unabashed, not only telling, but showing how we camouflage our feelings when we should be unraveling them, facing our demons, persevering or crawling through

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