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Dre London on Success, Happiness and Big Energy

Stoney to triple-platinum status by focusing on streaming over traditional album sales. He’s also a keen investor in real estate, wine and tech. Born in Brixton, South London, he moved to the U.S.

to in the music industry.I’m happiest when…I see others around me winning while I’m winning.My favorite childhood memories are…playing soccer, which I did until I was 13 or 14, and getting pocket money to go buy a record on a Saturday from Woolworth’s. Both taught me a lot of discipline.When I need a creative spark, I…put together the right energy in the room. The right energy in any room syncs like Bluetooth.

With the right energy in the room you can change anything in the world.In 10 years I hope to…become the first British-born Black billionaire.An album that changed my life was…Ready to Die by Notorious B.I.G.The most surprising thing about me is…that I can and will talk to anyone, from the janitor in the bathroom to the CEO in the boardroom.I as…making the people around you successful. If you are the only one around you that’s successful, then something’s wrong. I want people to know me for…the love and attention that I put into inspiring people—that the things I’ve done . Or inspired people that look like me that didn’t know they could do the things I’m doing.The biggest risk I ever took was…leaving all my family behind for America to change their lives and to do something that I didn’t know if I’d be able to do.

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