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Country Star Luke Combs Says OCD Feels Like a Heart Attack — Here's What 'Pure O' Feels Like for Others

In an episode of  The Big Interview with Dan Ratheron Wednesday, Luke Combs shared that he was diagnosed with purely obsessional obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), also known as Pure O OCD. Obsessions are typically intrusive and unwanted thoughts and can range from negative thoughts and worries to graphic or disturbing fears.

In the interview, the country singer said that when he has obsessive thoughts, he worries he is “about to have a heart attack or a stroke.” These types of obsessive thoughts are common in people with OCD. Coping with obsessions can include techniques to unhook from your obsessions. When Combs starts ruminating about an issue, he taught himself to reframe the obsessive thoughts.

“You have to teach yourself to become

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