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10 Signs You’re Overthinking Again (and How to Fix It)

Cleveland Clinic, an overthinking disorder is recognized by the American Psychological Association and is included in the DMS-5.It’s a sister disease to post-traumatic stress, generalized anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive syndrome. The first step to realizing you have a problem is identifying the key issues and seeing if they fit your symptoms. Here are the ten most common signs that you’re constantly overthinking, and there are some ways to fix it.

ADVERTISEMENT A significant problem for overthinkers is that they wear their emotions on their sleeve. You take the opinions of others way too seriously, and it drives you crazy. ADVERTISEMENT You’re analyzing each detail of events and conversations, and you always think someone is putting you down.

If you have an empathetic personality, this will make you even more sensitive to the opinions of others.How to fix it: It’s helpful to have someone else to toss around your thoughts with on a situation. A voice of reason can help you to decipher if you ruminate unnecessarily or if you have justification for your intense feelings.An idea pops into your mind, but the thought overwhelms you. You ruminate about it so much that you get all worked up to the point of an anxiety attack.

For instance, your friends and neighbors are receiving higher electric bills due to an increase. ADVERTISEMENT You begin to think about how you will constantly pay such a bill. You remember events where the lights were left on all night, and you analyze the temperature you set your HVAC system at during the month.

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