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Crying Quotes About This Uniquely Human Trait

Crying is a natural human response and these crying quotes explain what an important part of life it is. Many human emotions can elicit tears from our eyes—sadness, joy, and anger, just to name a few.

Obviously, people think of sadness when they hear the word crying. However, any powerful emotion can make your eyes well up.

How often have you cried tears of joy? Think of those moments when the happiness is so overwhelming and your body needed to express it.

I often cry when I am angry. It’s something that drives me kind of crazy because people assume they have hurt my feelings. They haven’t; they have just pushed my anger to where it needed to come out physically, and beating up people is frowned upon.

Did you know human beings are the only animals that cry? Just how often do we do it? Are there any health benefits to crying?

Keep reading through these crying quotes to learn the answers to these questions, and some other interesting facts about the salty tears that leak from our eyes.

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Short crying quotes

1. “Don’t cry over someone who wouldn’t cry over you.” ― Lauren Conrad

2. “Those who do not weep, do not see.” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

3. “If you’ve never eaten while crying, you don’t know what life tastes like.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

4. “To hide feelings when you are near crying is the secret of dignity.” ― Dejan Stojanovic

5. “Life is like an onion; you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.” ― Carl Sandburg

6. “I shed more tears than God could ever have required.” ― Arthur Rimbaud, Illuminations

7. “More and more, the hardest part of crying is when I can’t stop.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

8. “I

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