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How to Change Habits: 4 Ways to Make New Behaviors Stick

good habits. And changing or developing a new habit, as we all know, can be difficult to do.Understanding how habits work, while important, is rarely enough to unlock real change.

Learn how to disrupt and redefine the most difficult patterns of behavior.All habits, good or bad, old or new, consist of these components:[Download This Free Resource: Get Control of Your Life and Schedule]To change any habit, simply target any of these three components. For example, if you want to go to bed at an earlier time, you might[Read This Next: These 6 Healthy Habits Can Improve Memory & Focus]Sometimes, a change of habit comes painlessly, delivering fast results in a short amount of time.Unfortunately, many habits feel impossible to change.

After all, simple does not mean easy. Old habits are hard to break because theyThat’s why knowing how habits work, or even having the desire to form new habits, isn’t always enough to create change.Use these tried-and-true techniques to become a master of your habits:Changing a habit, especially one that is deeply ingrained, feels difficult because you’re changing your identity to fit the new behavior.

As daunting as the task might be, remember that life is your creation. When you believe that you are the boss of your life, your mind and body will align to support your desires. The content for this article was derived, in part, from the ADDitude ADHD Experts webinar titled “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination: How Women with ADHD Can Break the Cycle of Delayed Sleep and Stress” [Video Replay & Podcast 382] with Christine Li, Ph.D., and Tracy Otsuka, JD, LLM, AACC, which was broadcast live on December 8, 2021.SUPPORT ADDITUDE Thank you for reading ADDitude.

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