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Science Quotes from Famous Scientists about Life and Death

Looking for the best science quotes?

Science impacts many aspects of our lives. Simply put, without it, we wouldn’t be enjoying many of the things that make our modern world possible. 

From the houses that we live in, the food that we eat, the cars that we drive, to our favorite electronic gadgets, science and the technologies it has spawned make our lives easier.

Throughout history, the world has produced great scientific minds who have had an invaluable influence on society.

Driven by constant curiosity and motivated to find truth, these men and women can be a great source of inspiration.

The science quotes below cover many areas, including scientific findings, philosophy and the world around us.

Whether you’re eager to learn more about the world, or you’re motivated towards betterment, we have all the inspiration you need. 

From Isaac Newton to Albert Einstein, you’ll find drops of wisdom from some of the most brilliant scientific minds the world has ever witnessed.

Enjoy these enlightening science quotes from some of the best scientists in the history of mankind.

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Science quotes from famous scientists about life and death

1. “Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.” – Carl Sagan

2. “Art is the tree of life. Science is the tree of death.” – William Blake

3. “The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” – Thomas Berger

4. “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” ― Albert Einstein

5. “Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.” – Immanuel Kant

6 “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society

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