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This HBO Show Gives Us an Accurate Glimpse Into The World of Therapy

 “In Treatment” is a critically acclaimed series that originally premiered in 2008 on HBO and ran for three seasons. It starred Gabriel Byrne as psychotherapist Paul Weston, and each season followed not just the work he did with three-to-four patients, but his life outside of the therapy room. The show has reemerged this year with a new star, new patients and a storyline that exists within the current world of COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement for social justice.

This iteration of the show follows Dr. Brooke Taylor, played by the incomparable Uzo Aduba of “Orange Is the New Black” fame, and her three patients: Eladio, Colin and Laila. While this season does pay homage to the original version by referencing Dr. Paul Weston as

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