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Gabby Petito: Police Missed These Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse Before Her Death

Gabby Petito’s body was recovered on Sunday, September 19, after her fiancé Brian Laundrie returned from their months-long, cross-country camping trip without her. Then Laundrie disappeared, himself. Now he’s a person of interest in her death.

Body camera footage from a domestic altercation between the two on August 12 in Utah contains lurid clues into her last days. In it we witness how police determined Petito to be at fault because there was a witness that she slapped him, even though he admitted to shoving her without anyone else present. Regardless of the power and strength imbalances, female-on-male assault and male-on-female assault are treated the same in the eyes of the law.

Sadly, the law combined with the police’s lack of

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