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Sling Blade Quotes From the 1996 Sleeper Hit Movie

These Sling Blade quotes come from several of the characters in the film, including Karl Childers, Doyle Hargraves, and Charles Bushman.

Sling Blade is an American drama that premiered in 1996. The film starred Billy Bob Thornton, who also wrote and directed the movie.

Many people wonder if the movie Sling Blade is based on a true story. The answer is yes and no. The film is not autobiographical, but in an interview with Erik Bauer, Thornton explains, “A lot of the other stories in the movie, the stuff that takes place after the mental institution, are true.

Like the story Karl tells the kid about the little baby — that really happened where I grew up. All those characters are based on people I knew. Each character is a composite of a

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