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50 My Cousin Vinny Quotes From the Legal Comedy of the 90s

These My Cousin Vinny quotes and lines are guaranteed to make you laugh.

My Cousin Vinny, a 1992 American comedy, is packed with some of my favorite 90s era film stars. Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid) stars as Billy Gambini. Billy and his friend, Stan Rothenstein, are both college kids from New York. They are taking the scenic route to UCLA, where they both received a scholarship.

The boys stop at a gas station in Wahzoo, Alabama to make a snack run. After spending a small fortune on junk, they hop back in their car and hit the road. The funny My Cousin Vinny quotes start early in the film, so pay attention!

A few miles later, Billy realizes that he accidentally stole a can of tuna. They banter back and forth about the punishment for crimes

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