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Hacks for Living Your Best Life With a Feeding Tube

My name is Meghan; also known as the Megalodon. I’m your not-so-typical 25-year-old and I enjoy competing in taekwondo, fishing, camping and adaptive snow skiing. I’m an avid outdoorsman, a third degree black belt in training for my fourth degree and a nine time ATA Martial Arts World Champion. I’m a college graduate working on my master’s degree in social work and I live my life on one speed… breakneck!

My custom wheelchair/training partner, Nemo, and I are always looking to have some fun, when I’m not studying, practicing taekwondo, and running my own 501(c)(3) Meg’s Miracles to raise awareness and funds for stiff person syndrome (SFS) research. The name sounds completely ridiculous, but the condition is very serious and can be fatal. In

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