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Q: “Are My Child’s Unresponsive Teachers Following Her IEP?”

Q: “I am really frustrated. There is a huge disconnect between what’s in my daughter’s IEP and what’s happening in her classes. Some teachers follow it and communicate with me, but some don’t even respond when I email them.

I don’t want to keep asking my daughter what is happening as it makes her anxious. How can I improve communication with her teachers?” — IEP ParentHi IEP Parent:I appreciate how much you want to support your daughter. And the best way to do so is to ensure she gets the support she needs at school.

However, as you’ve realized, getting the information you need can be frustrating and overwhelming and depends on good communication with her teachers.It’s important to know what the modifications and accommodations from your daughter’s IEP look like, how they are being implemented and measured for progress, and how this information will be communicated to you.I suggest sending each teacher a list of specific questions to gather this data. You want to know if your daughter is performing at grade level, what teaching methods are used in the classroom, and where they see any struggles.I’ve put together a list of seven questions to help guide the discussion.[Bring This Form to Your Parent-Teacher Meetings]You don’t want to assume that your daughter’s teachers have a copy of her IEP or that they have read it. I recommend forwarding a copy of her IEP and a one-page summary detailing your daughter’s strengths and weaknesses to each of her teachers.

Don’t forget to include her elective or special-area teachers in physical education, music, art, health, etc. Also, include your contact information, so the teachers will know the best way to get in touch with you. Then send a follow-up email to each teacher a week later

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