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Third Eye Quotes to Help You See More Clearly

Help get your mind and heart aligned with these third eye quotes.

The third eye is the chakra or energy center in our body that deals with intuition, perception, imagination, memory, dreams, symbolism and visualization.

On planet earth, we are experiencing a global awakening of the third eye energy. All over the world people are waking up to new aspects of themselves and sometimes it can be challenging navigating through new perceptions, ideas, feelings or awareness.

Our third eye is designed to help us stay in tune with the vision that is best for us. Our third eye is heavily involved in our inspiration and passion.

We all use our third eye effortlessly whenever we tap into our own creativity or whenever we use our imagination to solve a challenge or improve something.

With practice, you can focus your attention to connect with your third eye.

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Third eye quotes from writers

1. “I have a third eye. It’s called imagination!” – Jorge P. Guerrero

2. “In the land of the blind the third eyed man is king.” ― Dean Cavanagh

3. “Good editors are really the third eye. Cool. Dispassionate. They don’t love you or your work.”- Toni Morrison

4. “Literature may open a third eye in the middle of the reader’s forehead.”- Amos Oz

5. “I squeegeed my third eye and could see only you.” ― Amanda Mosher

6. “But oh! —this so queer sensation between my eyes, in my lower forehead—is it the third eye, of enlightenment? Opening, at last?”- Joyce Carol Oates, ‘The Accursed’.

7. “Open third eye and you will feel energy of other river as it flows. And energy of Goddess.” ― Joe Niemczura

8. “Third eye of the sea, the lonely lighthouse never sleeps.” ― Nanette L. Avery

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