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8 Incredible Books for Anyone Living With Migraine

I firmly believe that knowledge is a powerful tool for anyone to possess. Although I’ve lived with migraine for nearly 20 years, I’ve realized that my knowledge of migraine is limited at best. So, I did what anyone who wants to learn more about a condition would do: I scoured the shelves of my favorite bookstore to see what books about migraine I could find.

The result? This list of eight incredible books about migraine that I would encourage all migraineurs to read and hopefully benefit from.

1. “Migraine” by Oliver Sacks

According to neurologist and writer Dr. Oliver Sacks, migraine isn’t simply an illness, but rather a complex condition that plays a unique role in each individual migraineur’s life. In “Migraine,” Dr. Sacks goes through the many variations of migraine and the gambit of symptoms someone with migraine can experience. Although the text is fairly clinical, it also goes very in-depth into migraine and provides a wealth of knowledge.

2. “Migraine: A History” by Katherine Foxhall

If you’re looking for a highly comprehensive history of migraine and the various approaches doctors have taken to understand and treat migraine, then this recently-published book by Katherine Foxhall is for you. It’s filled with incredible information, and Foxhall approaches the topic with sensitivity and empathy for migraineurs everywhere.

3. “Splitting: The Inside Story on Headaches” by Amanda Ellison

In “Splitting: The Inside Story on Headaches,” Neurologist Amanda Ellison “lifts the lid” on various types of headaches (including migraine). Within the text, Ellison explores triggers, explains migraine attacks in an easy-to-digest way, and even takes a look at some of the common myths about migraine and other types of neurological

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