Agatha Christie: recent publications

The One Thing You Really Do Need

I don’t need anything. Well, I take it back: Curiosity.And here’s why:HAPPINESS.Dopamine is being released because I am in anticipation of the reward of curiosity getting satisfied.Higher dopamine equals greater happiness, better brain and heart health.

Live longer.TRIP TO WONDERLAND.The other day I passed a clothing store. There was a book in the window.

I got curious. I researched the book, the author, his biography, his quotes.I became a better person as a result. Future post.It makes me more creative.I recently read a book about the life of Agatha Christie.

She didn’t say, “OK, the plot of my next book is A, B, and C.”She viewed a book as a set of problems. “How do I make X seem like the killer when Y might really be the killer?”This

. liking life feelings