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7 Things Men Do When They Want a Serious Relationship

In the complicated nature of the dating world, it’s hard to tell a prospective partner’s true intentions. If you date to begin a serious relationship, it can be frustrating to meet others who are only interested in flings and no-strings-attached arrangements instead of true love.Many people have learned how to behave to give off the appearance of someone who wants a commitment, only to turn around and ghost you once they get what they want. This article is for you if you’ve struggled to determine if a man is genuinely interested in commitment.

Here are seven things men do when they want a serious relationship.Editorial note: We acknowledge that both men and women might desire a new love relationship. This article expressly addresses some typical male behaviors.  You can find the behaviors of a woman who seeks a serious relationship in a separate article. ADVERTISEMENT As cliche as it is, a man putting you first in his life is probably the clearest sign that he desires a serious relationship.

This desire signifies a deeper, more meaningful sort of affection known as compassionate love. Research shows that these selfless acts, no matter how small, are a sign of high levels of romantic feelings. ADVERTISEMENT Compassionate love doesn’t just involve huge gestures and grand sacrifices. Realistically, these aren’t the kinds of things to expect out of a man who you’re not in a serious relationship with, anyway.

Besides, how often do genuine opportunities for such gestures arise? So instead of seeking big signs of self-sacrifice, look for signs of compassionate love. These may include a man: ADVERTISEMENT Someone’s respect for your boundaries is non-negotiable, and it’s a bare minimum behavior for anyone to respect them. Genuine

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