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Nurse Promised to Adopt the Son of a Terminally Ill Single Mom

ADVERTISEMENT However, the nurse didn’t say “yes” to the request immediately. While she genuinely wanted to help, she told Somers she should take time to think it over.Of course, the nurse felt flattered that the terminally ill mom would trust her in caring for Wesley. However, she wanted to take a diplomatic approach and ensure everyone involved would feel comfortable.

ADVERTISEMENT It seemed like fate that Seaman and Somers met at the hospital. Seaman and her family had recently gone through the process of becoming foster parents. They’d also been approved as adoptive parents and completed the first step in that process.

So, it seems the universe was on Somers’ side after all. ADVERTISEMENT After asking the nurse to adopt her son, the terminally ill mom and Wesley started visiting Seaman’s family. At first, the nurse came to Somers’ apartment to get to know the pair better.The next step involved inviting Tricia and Wesley to Seaman’s house.

She wanted to see how they would get along with her husband and four children. Besides that, it would help Wesley get acclimated to a new environment.The first time Somers visited the Seamans’ home, Tricia made sure to ask her opinion. She wanted to know if everything looked okay and if it lived up to her standards.

Thankfully, Somers couldn’t have been happier with the house and said everything seemed “perfect.”Now, the only thing left was to get Seaman’s husband’s approval, Daniel. That evening, she sat down with him and asked how he felt about adopting Wesley. Surprisingly, he had no reservations about the idea.

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