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How Ascribing Success to 'Hard Work' Hurts People With Chronic Illness

Fearing the onset of serious brain rot, the other night I decided to switch up my usual entertainment choices.  Rather than watch such intellectually irredeemable fare as Adam Sandler’s new cinematic gem, “Hubie Halloween,” I instead watched a couple of TED talks. A talk by Swarthmore psychologist Barry Schwartz caught my eye. Being a psychology buff, I knew Schwartz was famous for research that showed that the many options we Americans have to choose from cause a lot of anxiety. (Anyone shop for toothpaste lately?) So I figured, “What the hey?” Maybe Professor Schwartz has something interesting to say.

Schwartz’s talk was titled, “What Role Does Luck Have in Your Life?”  He claims that Americans believe that in a just system, people get

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