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A Q&A With the Founder of Saddie Baddies, a Digital Safe Space for People of Color

Late February 2020, I sat down with Priscilla Agyeman from Saddie Baddies, a mental health resource for Black women. I remember that day I was feeling particularly burnt out. The more Priscilla and I spoke, the more renewed I felt. As a mentally ill Black woman myself, I immediately resonated with the essence, vibes and mission that Priscilla has been cultivating with this brand since 2019. 

I asked her to sit down with me (virtually, of course) to discuss Saddie Baddies more in-depth, and also to discuss the role of community care in self-care. Community care as a survival tactic is something the Black community has used since enslaved days to survive the throws of white supremacy. In today’s current age of digital community organizing and

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