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Personifying my illness makes it less frightening

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As someone with arachnophobia severe enough to make me dance like an incompetent Northern Soul fan whenever Incy Wincy makes a move on me, the advice I was given by a friend many years ago proved invaluable:“If you see a spider, imagine it in a disco dress – it won’t seem so scary any more”Of course, it’s not bullet proof.

Sometimes, no matter how elaborate the sequinned ra-ra skirt and disco lights I conjure up in my mind, the arachnid fiend still gets the better of me.But it helps a little.If there was a magic cure for anxiety I wouldn’t be writing this.

There’s not. But several years ago, when my therapist said my behaviour reminded her of that of a meerkat, anxiety felt a little less dark and gloomy.Whenever I hit Google to confirm

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