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Personal Finance Expert Anthony O’Neal Shares 3 Tools for Remote Workers to Maximize their Financial Security

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. He also hosts his own podcast, , with more than 100 episodes focused on helping listeners shift their mindset, create a clear vision for their future and make their vision a reality.“In the past, building wealth meant: Get your foot in the door at a big company, invest a lot of money into stocks, and you’ll get $1 million over 20 to 30 years,” O’Neal says. “Now, I see the future of generating wealth evolving to this remote work space, where people are making $1 million in one week because they’re serving others and utilizing the internet.”O’Neal smiles as he shares his hot take on how the rules around building wealth have changed, while I pick my jaw off the floor.

He makes reaching seven figures sound simple. Attainable, even. Admittedly, as a millennial in the landscape of high inflation, stagnant wages and an unstable stock market, it’s a welcome notion.Looking around my home office, I can see it’s true that today’s working landscape appears vastly different from the cubical view of years past.

I can’t remember my old morning routine. The last time I sat in gridlocked Los Angeles traffic on my commute is a faint memory I’m not sad to lose.

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