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People Who Live the Longest Share This Trait

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eat healthy and exercise. But the secret to longevity may not be as simple as what we eat and how much we move. According to a study in the book Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, people who live the longest also have something called ikigai, which is more of a personality trait and mindset.

I enlisted the help of mental health professionals to find out the meaning behind ikigai and how to live longer and healthier lives.  “The concept of ikigai comes from a Japanese philosophy referring to what gives a person a sense of purpose in life,” explained Veronica Hlivnenko, a psychologist and holistic health counselor at InPulse. “Ikigai is a broad concept that indicates your reason for being, the passion that drives you throughout your life, the bliss that brings you joy and inspires your zest for living.

Japanese culture believes having an ikigai is the key to a person’s happiness, mental and physical health, and longevity.” “When you have a clear purpose—a sense of meaning for life—it motivates and energizes you to take action, to strive, and to persevere,” conveyed Dr.

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