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Paying Candidates for Interviews: What Should Be Covered and Why?

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and , employers are facing a new ethical dilemma: Should they pay candidates who interview? might involve more respect and compensation for future employees, and give them a taste of how they will or won’t be treated in their new position.

Experts, candidates and employers weigh in on whether businesses should pay their interviewees.On March 7, 2022, Paul Taylor, the former executive director at FoodShare Toronto, : “Preparing for an [sic] job interview is labour, and candidates may even have to take time off work to attend an interview.

I’m pleased to share that @FoodShareTO will now be compensating folks ($75) for their interviews (approx. 1 hr) to join our team.” He adds that, if the interview includes an assignment, the candidate will be compensated hourly, at the rate associated with the position they are applying for.If this sounds like the kind of place you want to work, you aren’t alone.

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