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Paul Ekman’s Unfinished Research on Emotions and Deception

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I never published a number of interesting findings. Sometimes it was because I just didn’t have the time to do so, as it is not a simple matter to put what you discover into the restrained language scientific journals require, and then to deal with the hidden anonymous reviewers.

Nearly every article I submitted to scientific journals was initially rejected. I then would write counterarguments, eventually succeeding, but it usually took nearly two years after initial submission of an article to get accepted, and usually another year before it appeared in print.Some projects I never completely finished once I knew the answer, moving on to something else, most often giving priority to writing still another grant to support my lab.

I didn’t have graduate students delegate the task of completing projects or writing them up (that was the cost of being a faculty member at a medical school unrelated to a department of psychology).

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