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Paper or Digital? The Best Planners for ADHD Brains

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Which do you rely on more to keep yourself organized: paper or digital planners?In a recent ADDitude survey, 61% of readers said they use hardcopy planners, sticky notes, and handwritten lists.

The remainder prefer phone alerts and apps that exist across devices and in one virtual space. There’s no right answer, so finding the right system for your ADHD brains often requires trial and error, but the pay-off is big: better performance at work and at home.Below, learn what ADDitude readers use to stay on track and why.“I don’t usually pay attention to what my alarm is supposed to signal on my cell.

I just hurry to turn it off. With paper, I have it where I can see it all the time.” — Lisa, Illinois“Growing up during the 1980s and as a Gen Xer, I’m used to reaching for pen and paper instead of a phone or tablet.” — Susan, Georgia“Handwriting is immediate with pencil and paper feeling like supportive friends.

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