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Our Matured Understanding of ADHD and Romantic Relationships

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In 1998, when ADDitude was founded, information about ADHD was limited, often inaccurate, and almost never about adults. Professional education and training for ADHD was extremely hard to find, as few specialized in the area.Adult ADHD was brought out of the shadows by Ned Hallowell, M.D., and John Ratey, M.D., with their groundbreaking book, Driven to Distraction.

Some time later, the pair began to offer trainings to help professionals like myself better understand ADHD.When I started my blog in 2007, I only expected to share some of my insights with a few people who might be interested.

I had personal experience, Hallowell and Ratey’s training under my belt, and a desire to help others. To my surprise, the blog took off; it was clear that an enormous number of couples needed help managing ADHD’s impact on their relationships.

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