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Our Favorite ADHD Blog Posts of 2022

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“ADHD emotions are not only unstable and mercurial; they overlap, butt heads, and fight for our attention. The fight to rein in our emotions is emotionally and physically exhausting; it also chips away at our self-worth and overall well-being.” —Kate MoryoussefThe flood of emotions associated with ADHD often comes on fast and furious, submerging everyone in its path.

Here, a reader shares 14 transformative “micro-techniques” — like binaural beats, EFT tapping, and breath work — that she uses for stress reduction and emotional regulation.“A 2e individual may have to work twice as hard to do ‘basic’ tasks.

And, while an average person may eventually reach their full potential, a twice exceptional person can often envision exceptional potential without the ability to reach it.

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