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“Our Bedtime Battles Scorecard”

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[Free Download: Sleep Solutions for Kids with ADHD]His 14-year-old sister is close on his heels at 5,110 nightly grudge matches. “My show’s almost over,” she says. “Can I finish it?”“How much longer?”She pauses her show. “47 minutes.”“Go to bed, girl.”At 13 years, son Number Two is coming in at 4,745 bedtime battles.

Twenty minutes after I tell him to shut it down, I find him fussing with papers in his backpack. “What are you doing?”“Checking on something.”“Son, is that some homework you forgot to do?”“Uh,” he says, like this is a trick question.[Like the Teen You Love: ADHD-Friendly Communication Tips]And batting clean-up is my baby girl, who is 10 and going for an even 3,650 evenings of dawdle and delay.

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