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“On Getting Unstuck from the Cloud of Stuck-ness”

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get unstuck.When I have a choice to make, I imagine all of the possibilities in different colors.[Get This Free Download: Focus Your ADHD Brain With 5 Helpful Hacks]At first, it’s just two colors: “Do I wash the dishes, or do I not wash the dishes?” But then, as I think about my decision, those two choices split off into a million more.

If I do wash the dishes, do I do all of it, or just some? Do I ask for help? Which dish do I start with? Or, if I don’t do the dishes, what do I do instead?Suddenly, there are hundreds of colors, every hue imaginable.

They’re like little dollops of paint, floating through the air. The longer I take to make a choice, the closer these colors become, blurring until they mix.

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