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No, My Antidepressants Are Not 'Crazy,' 'Happy' or 'Magic' Pills

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Medication is medication and pills are pills, no matter what the illness. Medications for depression, anxiety, mood disorders,  insomnia and other mental health conditions are just that: Medications for health conditions.

They are not “crazy pills,” “happy pills” or “magic pills.” “Crazy pills.” If you have depression, you take antidepressants and it’s OK.

But it’s not really OK, right? Even among healthcare workers, mental health care treatment is stigmatized. When I was about to transfer from the medical floor to the mental health clinic, a colleague said, “So, you are going to work with the ‘crazies,’ huh?” Internally, this made me frown because I thought: I am one of those “crazies.” This nurse was and still is a great nurse, I would

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