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New! The Caregiver’s Guide to ADHD Diagnosis

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You may opt out at any time. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy . The Caregiver’s Guide to ADHD Diagnosis is a joint effort from WebMD and ADDitude designed to guide individuals through the difficult, important decisions they face when pursuing an evaluation for ADHD and its comorbid conditions in their children.

This guided email course will cover the following topics:DECISION 1: How can I better understand ADHD, its causes, and its manifestations?DECISION 2: How can I understand the aspects of ADHD that might be new to the doctor?DECISION 3: How can I improve the odds of an accurate ADHD evaluation for my child?DECISION 4: How can I find the most appropriate professional to diagnose and treat my child’s ADHD?DECISION 5: What should a thorough evaluation for pediatric ADHD include and exclude?DECISION 6: How can I be sure my child’s evaluation screens for psychiatric comorbidities?DECISION 7: How can I be sure my child’s evaluation considers look-alike comorbidities?DECISION 8: Should my child be screened for the sleep, eating, and other disorders?NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.

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