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My Years-Long Battle to Learn Why I Can't Breathe Gave Me Serious Trust Issues

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I have trust issues. And amazingly, they don’t stem from one too many “trust falls” gone wrong from my younger years (though maybe that contributed).

My trust issues center around bigger things: trusting my body, trusting my doctors, and trusting… life. I was diagnosed with atypical cystic fibrosis (CF) one month and eight days before I turned 20.

I had been complaining to doctors for as long as I can remember about having trouble breathing, being tired all the time, getting sick if I ate “normal” kid food, and of course, my bi-monthly “asthma attacks” that left me unable to talk, breathe, or swallow for up to a week. “It’s asthma,” my pediatrician would say. “She’ll grow out of it.” When my chronic digestive symptoms worsened around age 13, I was told to drink prune juice.

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