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More Managers Than Ever Are Keeping Tabs on the News—Here’s What It Means for Companies

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called “The Future of Time” revealed that 70% of participants are “[spending] more time during the workday absorbing or discussing news coverage compared to a year ago.” Additionally, “[small- to medium-sized business] leaders and enterprise managers alone are on average spending three hours per day reading, watching or listening to national or global news coverage.” In the U.S., the top two concerns are “economic instability/inflation” (79%) and “gun violence” (65%).

In addition, 38% of employees in the survey expressed that increased uncertainty in current events is making it hard for them to focus at work.

Here’s how leaders are changing their habits and adjusting to their new norms of paying more attention to the news to to uncertain times.For the average person, staying abreast of local, national and international news developments might be a matter of choice and preference.

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