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Mindfulness Meditation to Soothe Squirming Souls

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Mindfulness meditation means noticing the present moment without judgment — not something adults with ADHD do very well. We’re either living with our heads in the clouds or so hyperfocused that we might not notice volcanic activity.However, meditation may help the ADHD brain improve executive functioning.

Except that… I’m sorry, did you say meditate? Have we met? I have ADHD. Sitting still and thinking of nothing is impossible.[Get This Free Download: Mindful Meditation for ADHD]Here’s the good news for us squirming souls: Meditation comes in many forms — from simple breathing to wandering in a park and taking in its sights and smells.

Here is how I make it work for me.Before beginning a task at work, set an intention: I’m at my desk to finish this assignment.

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