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Migraine: The Relationship Third Wheel

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Ah migraine, the most annoying third wheel of all time. It’s a universal truth that migraine affects our relationships in ways both good and bad.

In this episode, Kat and Skye get honest about dating — just wait until you hear about Skye’s experiment with dating apps — as well as their connections with family and friends.

If you sometimes (read: always) feel like a burden to the people you care about, this one’s for you. You can also listen on our Spotify for Podcasters page and on Apple Podcasts. Additional Reading: My Friends Get Real About What It’s Like to Be Friends With My Chronically Ill Self 8 Things I Haven’t Told My Family and Friends About Being Chronically Sick Episode Transcript: Skye Gailing  Welcome to Health and (un)Wellness.  Kat Harrison   A podcast brought to you by The Mighty, where we put the human back in health.

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