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Meet the Genius Behind These Wildly Innovative Artworks

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his website, Shane describes his experience creating artwork from a young age: ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT“I found that even though I was not particularly great at drawing, I was untroubled and I began my life in art at the tender age of 9 with my first commissioned mural at the age of 12 – A Grim Reaper on the wall of a biker club.  (I was paid with a single beer, and it seemed like a fair trade at the time.) Creating was more of an adventure and felt like a less oppressive way to exist.

As my interest in art grew and my ability developed, I realized that if I could learn to do this, I could learn to do anything.

I started writing a novel at the age of 20 and spent the next few years badgering people to read it and correct the spelling.

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